Tuesday, March 18, 2008

By Request

For my lovely friend Marcia, who had a birthday last week -- a virtual birthday cake.

Originally created for my dear grandmother, may she rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ruth...I showed a picture of your dear late grandmother's cake to my husband and daughter with the explanation that the flowers were real buttercream; they couldn't believe their eyes.

We all agree that it's the most beautiful cake EVER. It must have thrilled your grandmother, may she rest in peace.

Nowadays, I'd rather have a virtual birthday than a real one, and it's best with a cake, too, but again, I thank you. You're filled with talent and many other good things.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I love that cake. AG's birthday is Sept 11th. Can you make a cake for AG and Bossy's son to enjoy? (We have the same birthday!)

P.S. I love a gal with the name, "Marcia". Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Hot damn!

Anonymous said...

Tole you it was special!


Magpie said...

You made that? Awesome.

Anonymous said...
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