Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Three Little Egg Whites and How They Grew

It started innocently enough, with a batch of creme brulee.

Matters intensified with a double-batch of lemon curd.

There might have been another batch of creme brulee along the way, and possibly some creme anglaise....

But what really put me over the top was the chocolate cream pie.

That's about 8 cups of egg whites, y'all.

I used up 1.5 cups this weekend with a lemon angel food cake.

Only 6.5 cups to go.

* The title of yesterday's post is from the Broadway show "Hairspray."


Anonymous said...

Oooh, hey, I've got a bunch of eqq whites in my freezer that I have to use up. I'm addicted to scones and make a batch just about every week--2 egg yolks/week adds up quickly! Care to share that lemon angel food code recipe? :-)


RuthWells said...

You've been doing too much programming -- I don't have an angel food CODE recipe! ; ) But the angel food CAKE recipe is Ina Garten's, and can be found here:,1977,FOOD_9936_21126,00.html

(If the link doesn't work, google for lemon angel food cake and Ina Garten, and then scroll past the cake mix nonsense!)

Anonymous said...

Oops, fingers typing too fast these days. I found the recipe. Looks good!



BOSSY said...

LOVE this.