Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did I Mention

that Quinlan needs braces? Like, yesterday? Not only braces, but first an appliance to widen his upper bite, followed by a trip to the oral surgeon who will cut a flap in the roof his mouth and attach a wire to the lost incisor that is coming in sideways and behind all of the other teeth, which the orthodontist will then spend several months dragging down into place by said wire, like an ornery salmon on a fisherman's line? After which, upper braces will be applied, and then lower braces?

And did I mention that Quin has sensory issues, and this is likely to be torturous, and also take 3 years to complete?

And did I mention that it's going to cost $6,000 uninsured dollars?

...I didn't?

Hold me.


Nancy the Romancechick said...

Okay, this just sounds awful! I hope things work out.

I found your blog through Rachel at My Life as a SAHM. I, too, have polycystic kidneys! I had a transplant 7 years ago.

How are you doing?

RuthWells said...

Hi, Nancy! Glad to have you aboard, and I'd love to hear more about your transplant journey, if you'd like to share. : ) I am doing pretty well -- last labs were in October, and I'm holding steady at 40% GFR for now. Next blood work is in June.