Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Black Helicopters?

Should I be alarmed that Sitemeter thinks that someone in Washington, D.C. with a URL of visited my blog? But then, what could the Department of Agriculture possibly have to do with the health insurance cartel industry?.....


Ohhhhhhhh, wait. They linked over from Well Read Hostess. I feel better already.


Vinkus07 said...

Site meter? Um . . . splainy? Want.


RuthWells said... -- web traffic tracking tool. At the basic (read free) level, it gives you a count of vistors and page view per day, with location and referring URL and a few other doodads. If you pay for more complete service, you get more bells and whistles.

Since I'm mostly interested in how high my numbers go when Bossy links to me, the basic service is plenty! ; )

kristin said...

It's friendly fire. I promise. I know who it is. She's one of us.