Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Answering the Burning Question

of how many cookies can/will 100 sweaty, jacked-up 6th graders eat/buy in a two-hour period?

The answer is 62. Of course, I brought 200. The good news is that they freeze well and I have a jump on the baking for the April 20 Charity Fun Fair. The bad news is that I'm now out of room in the freezer.

So, the name! For the baking! I haven't forgotten the contest, have just been distracted by kids turning 12 and infections and plumbing disasters other good times. Thank you all for your ideas -- it truly ended up being a group effort. The Name for the Baking is henceforth and evermore will be:

Delectable Desserts

Prizes to The Domestic Goddess and to Marcia. Pick your poison, ladies, and I'll bake you up your very own batches of yumminess.


O said...

I'm happy to donate freezer space to the cause!

Domestic Goddess said...

Yippee! Great name(not biased, really!).
62? that's it? Sheesh. I thought for sure they'd eat more. At least you can have them for the fun fair! I may see you there!

HG said...

Nice. I too offer freezer space.

Rachel said...

While I won't donate freezer space, my family will gladly volunteer to EAT some for you, just to help you out. We wouldn't want you to have to worry about what to do with so many extra cookies.

And I LOVE the name!

HG said...

It's just euphamism-esque, Rachel, shhhh!