Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Foolishness


Audit is over, sweet merciful heavens! I can actually sit at my desk and get work done. (Or blog. Whatever.)


My first-born turns twelve this week. And has a mustache. How did it come to this? I can still feel the phantom pangs of his foot wrapping itself around my left hipbone while in utero and now he's got pimples.


I've decided that this recent haircut was a tragic mistake. Too long to be short, too short to be long, and too many layers that frizz out into a crazed nimbus at the first sign of humidity and in complete defiance of hair products. The question is, can I grow out the layers by June? If not, drastic steps will be taken.


Domestic Goddess said...

i hope you aren't referring to the AWESOMELY CUTE HAIRCUT you had when we went bowling. Dood, if you were single and gay, and I were single and gay, I would totally want to date you, you are so cute. Dang. That probably came out wrong, huh?
Seriously, though.

Kelly said...

May I recommend a hair product? Frederik Fekkai's glossing cream. To me, it's ridiculously expensive, but worth it considering one can purchase several 'bargain' brands of hair product only to throw them out in frustration. It's worth the splurge, as I'm finding it makes everything way more manageable.

RuthWells said...

Okay, the rest of you avert your eyes while Domestic Goddess and I make out a little.

Kelly, that's a great suggestion for a reasonable hair person. Unfortunately, I am an unreasonable hair person. I expect my hair to look passable (if not ravishing) with no more attention than a wash, application of a little product, and a combing. No styling appliances of any kind. Sometimes it works, but this haircut just is not working with me on this.

HG said...

I'm with DG - I did love your hair. However, I feel your pain as I'm not big on high maintainance hair. My plan of attack is to do nothing - which is why my hair looks like shite :)