Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh Hai!

I've been a little busy.

Okay, I've been a lot busy.

In the last four days I've:
  • made lots of vats of cookie dough
  • planted the early crops in the veg patch after turning and amending the soil (ouch)
  • repotted the indoor seedlings for a heavy drinking seedling exchange party on Saturday
  • admired my mother's garden and wept with envy
  • mailed the party invites for Garrick's upcoming birthday
  • fretted and plotted about Sunday's fundraising bake sale
  • met with the husband of a friend of a friend who was recently diagnosed with PKD
  • took the puking, rear-end-bleeding dog to the vet (he's better now)
  • worked really late Tuesday and missed the reruns of "The Office" on TBS
  • started physical therapy (woot!)
Do you think I've been overdoing it? Maybe?

Re: the working late, I have a little piece of advice. If your boss asks you to help open a branch of your company in Mexico? Run. You want no part of it. It will age you faster than drugs, parenting and air pollution combined.

Re: the garden and seedlings, I am cautiously optimistic. I moved four wheelbarrows full of leaf mulch by myself on Sunday and while it hurt, it didn't put me out of commission. If I manage to get everything planted on time (HA!), we should have a terrific harvest. "Lavender Touch" eggplant, anyone?....

Re: the physical therapy, I am such a wimp. During the strength test portion of the intake evaluation, I was as weak as a little newborn kitten. Pathetic. My initial exercises are insultingly gentle -- teeny tiny pelvic tilts, very mild bridges. I know this is where I have to start, but boy, do I feel old.

Re: the fundraising bake sale, I'm alternately stoked and petrified. If I manage to bake up all the cookie dough that's in the freezer before Sunday, I'll have about 450 cookies to sell. Plus the cake raffle. Plus the zucchini muffins I'll be making because Michael threatened me suggested that the 20 pounds of shredded garden (local! organic!) zucchini is taking up too much room in the freezer. Plus the banana muffins I'll HAVE to make because I've got bananas going brown on the counter. Is that too much stuff to sell, or way too little? I haven't the foggiest notion, but am perfectly willing to drive myself crazy worrying about it.

The HARDEST part is that Michael will have to do the set-up without me -- I'll be driving back from visiting my wonderful gardening friends in Virginia on the morning of the event. I know Michael will be fine and I'll be there hungover before the event starts, but it's still wigging me out. (NO, I'm not a control freak!!! How could you say such a thing?)

It might be time to break out the chocolate and tequila...


HG said...

Wow! You and DG boggle my mind. I'm currently in end of winter/beginning of spring depressive sloth. I'm getting little accomplished beyond grading and I have so very much to do.

Domestic Goddess said...

Totally jealous about the garden. I'll be lucky to get a thing planted. So much for my herbs and tomatoes. I'm skipping the cuke, zukes and lopes, as the dog and rabbit ate them before they even grew and I'm getting tons, as you know, through the co-op!

I hope we see you at the bake sale, I'll be stopping by!

R said...

QUITE a list there! Very impressive. Is the fundraiser going to be at the local street fair?

RuthWells said...

HG, don't be too boggled by me -- I'm overcompensating for months of inactivity. I'll crash soon, promise.

DG, you're welcome to any garden overflow you can handle!

R, yes, we'll be at the Charity Fun Fair. Are you doing face painting again?

MP3 e MP4 said...
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Adorable Girlfriend said...

You make me feel like a total schlub. I do nothing all day long.

Tessa said...

All I can say is "Mwuhahahaha" re heavy drinking/seedling exchange!

O said...

It never once occurred to me that I could shred and freeze zucchini. Is that all there is to it? If so, I'm now totally excited for summer. Bring it on!

nutmeg said...

I'd rather sell my body for charity rather than have to make all those cookies. But, that would not help my charity so much...or my marriage.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Lol at Meg.

Where is this event? Can AG still get in on this in terms of buying some of those yummy cookies?

RuthWells said...

AG, this event is in Swarthmore town center (think train station and environs), on Sunday from 1 - 5 ish. There's a parade, live music, moon bounces for the wee ones, etc. I won't find out where exactly our booth will be until tomorrow morning, but if you're feeling intrepid, would love to see you! If you're not feeling intrepid, I'll save you some cookies for later pick up or delivery. ; )

RuthWells said...

O, yes, simply shred the zucchini (in a food processor is easiest) and portion into freezer baggies. I only ever use it for baking post-freezing, but I'm sure it could be used in soups and maybe even stir-fries.

O said...

Dude. Thanks for the great tip. Lately I'm only buying zucchini for zucchini-sweet-potato muffins to sneak vegetables in to my "beige only please" son's diet so this might work.
Good luck tomorrow. It's high naptime here but if I can sneak out, I'll see you tomorrow!