Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dudes. Cookies.

Oy, my feet hurt and I have too many leftover cookies. Any of you lovely local readers want some, let me know!

Off to bed.


Domestic Goddess said...

What kind do you have? After the day-from-heck I've had, I could really use some...
e-mail me, I'll even buy them and pick them up.

wolvie said...

Send some to wolvie land.

Hope you recover today.

Did you get my response to your email the other day?


Meryl said...

I'll be glad to take some off your hands, especially if there's chocolate involved. :) What kind are they?

RuthWells said...

Hi Meryl! The cookies are juuuust about gone, and the remaining ones are getting pretty dry, so I'll have to catch you next time. : )