Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Had the Dream Last Night

You know the dream where you're unprepared for school? I had that dream last night. In my version of this dream, I'm taking college classes and haven't been to class in weeks and don't know which rooms to go to and don't have courses syllabuses (syllabi?). There may be midterms this day -- I don't know. In the dream, I also haven't been to my college mailbox in weeks and so I know that there are things I'm missing and I'm just not ready for any of it.

It took me long moments upon waking to remember that I'm not taking college courses now -- my waking brain first tried to reason that it was summer time and that I had surely taken courses during the first summer session, but now it's second summer session, and I didn't even register for second session, so I hadn't, in fact, missed anything except for registration......

It will not be a surprise to hear that I have been in a stew of anxiety the last few weeks. Big shifts going on at work, household matters being left unattended, a big fundraising opportunity next weekend that I've just started preparing for....... I feel much like that old drug abuse commercial: this is my brain on stress.

Luckily jury duty last week ended up being a non-starter. Now all I need to do is fold the laundry, clean the house, get the plumbers in to fix the major second floor blockage, bake 500+ cookies, weed the garden, walk the dog, do my back exercises, make eye appointments for the kids, pay the bills, email the dozens of friends I've been neglecting, etc., etc.

I think I'll start by taking a nap.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

500 plus cookies?!

Don't you have a BJ's or Costco nearby?!

RuthWells said...


Domestic Goddess said...

Ruth does NOT buy cookies! RUTH MAKES COOKIES!

well read hostess said...

I have this dream two or three times every summer. Mine is that I'm late for a science exam and I've "forgotten" to go to the class for the entire semester. When school gets closer, I dream that my class is so unruly on the first day that I can't get them to even sit down and then I usually wake up sweaty and weepy. Ah...the joys of being a crazy person. What's the fundraiser?