Thursday, July 3, 2008

You Know You're Getting Old When....

.... you go into a Sephora store and leave without testing any products, let alone purchasing anything.

.... you need to be reminded by your best college friend about the time the two of you hired a stripper for your R.A.'s birthday.

.... the 12-year-old working the coffee counter at Border's calls you "m'am".

.... you spend the weekend in New York and are all the way home before you realize that you consumed absolutely NO alcohol.

.... the cute summer sandals you bought on sale have 1.5" heels, not 2.5" heels.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

Wait, your NYC weekend did not involve etoh?

That is illegal, immoral, unAmerican and AG has hung folks for lesser crimes.

Next time you invite AG and she'll give you the weekend your grandparents never had and your kids will want in about 10 years!

wrh said...

SEPHORA...I'm now like a zombie in a trance...SEPHORA.

RuthWells said...

AG, I know, aren't I a loser?

WRH, it was nirvana.