Saturday, August 23, 2008

A List of My Lists

  • Things to pack for the beach
  • Errands for Michael to take care of while the kids and I are at the beach
  • Items already donated for the October 10 fundraising auction
  • People to harass follow up with for more donations for the fundraising auction
  • Desserts, ingredients to purchase, and baking schedule for the fundraising auction
  • Miscellaneous details to complete for the September 6 fundraising cabaret
  • Performers and helpers to buy thank you gifts for helping with the cabaret
  • Dates by which promotional emails and press releases for the fundraising events need to be sent
  • School supplies to buy
  • Details to attend to in preparation for our Paris trip
  • Household errands to run
  • Stuff to buy at BJ's
  • Various drugs and alcohol to get me through it all

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