Monday, August 25, 2008

Notes to Myself: On Being a Dumbass, Part 2

I work with numbers. All day long. I type alot of numbers, using the number keypad on the keyboard.

All. Day. Long.

And when I dial a phone number, I invariably type a 1 when I want a 7, or a 9 when I want a 3.

Because, you know, the numbers on the phone are in a different place than they are on the keyboard.

And apparently, I'm just too stupid distracted to adjust for that fact.


ccr in MA said...

I do the same thing. Why are the two systems not set up the same way? Whose crazy idea was that?

I had even more trouble with it when I had a job that involved using the keypad on the computer and adding machine all day long. Then, the phone messed me up completely. Sigh. Modern technology!

Vinkus07 said...

I was JUST thinking about that the other day . . . I do that too. And the area code for my area is 410 & all I have to do to type in the beginning of a phone number around here is to run my finger down the pad & I found it interesting that it should be so much easier to type a phone number that to dial it . . .

Magpie said...

LOL -- I've done that too. And wondered why the hell they're different!!