Monday, September 8, 2008

Cabaret: The Short Report

It was fantastic.

The show was great, the house was packed (103!), and we raised $1,938.

Despite torrential rains and high winds, the power did not go out.

Bossy's daughter performed a number -- click over and give Bossy some wet, sloppy kisses for posting the link to our fundraising page!

Naps are a good thing.

Good friends are even better.


Anna said...

Hi Ruth, just a quick hello (popped over from bossy's page). I'm 31, diagnosed with APKD in my early 20s, but so far (touch wood) completely asymptomatic. My grandfather and father had APKD but neither of my siblings (we've beaten those odds!). My dad had a transplant 15 years ago, and (again touch wood) is going strong. Expecting my first child in January, not thrilled about the 50:50 chance of passing APKD on, but I think the research horizon is looking very bright indeed these days - and transplantation is moving up the public agenda here in England.

Good luck with your fundraising - looks like you're doing an amazing job!

Anna XX

RuthWells said...

Thanks for coming by, Anna! I'm glad to hear your health is holding strong and that your siblings and Dad are doing well.

The current research is so promising, it's criminal that it's not getting more funding here in the States. Check out for all the latest developments and tons of info about PKD.

AnnL said...

I'm glad to hear it was such a success!! Good job! Maybe next year I can make it down.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the success of your caberet. I thought of you when the deluge began, but it seems not to have affected your fan base - plenty of good reasons for that, I'm sure.