Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gearing Up

While down the shore last week, I happened across a recent rerun of "Law and Order" with Liza Minelli as the guest star. I don't know whether she ended up being the murderer, as I was too exhausted from dozing off in my beach chair all afternoon keeping close watch on the kids all day to stay up late. Which is another way of saying, holy hell, I'm getting old.

Anyway, I was struck by how good Liza looked. Either she's made a pact with the devil or she has a really good surgeon. For a sixty-two year old with a history of substance abuse issues, she is smokin' hot.

(Speaking of smokin' hot women in their 60s, have you heard the recent quotable from Helen Mirren about date rape? I think it's a horrible indictment that she felt -- feels -- that she couldn't report her date rapes, as it "just wasn't something one could do." Silence kills, man. /diversion)

I remember seeing Liza in "Cabaret" as a youngish teenager and not really understanding much of it -- the homosexual story line, the abortion story line -- but boy, did Liza knock my socks off when performing the title song. Remember it?

Chills down my spine, literally. I think it's a testament to Bob Fosse as a director that he elicited such a raw, powerful performance from this chick.


So why do I have "Cabaret" on the brain? Well, it just so happens that this Saturday evening is our PKD fundraising cabaret at the Swarthmore Players Club. Curtain is at 7pm, tickets are $15 each, and we have some very cool raffle baskets as well. We're about 80% reserved already, but if any of my pretty local friends are free, we'll be sure to save you a seat! It's going to be a very fun evening. Drop me an email or a comment if you want more info....

To date, we've raised about $2700 for the PKD Foundation. Woot! And I expect the cabaret to boost those numbers nicely (last year we brought in $2,200!). And have I mentioned that we have another cool event scheduled for October 10?....

(It's no wonder I can't find my brain these days. Ah well, I'll just have to make do without.)

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