Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Intentions: EPIC FAIL

Things I should have done last night:
  • Walked the dog
  • Baked ahead for the October 10 silent auction
  • Folded the laundry
  • Stretched my back
  • Exercised
  • Run an errand to the theatre
  • Mailed out donor letters for the auction
  • Gone to sleep early
  • Called my friend Francine

Things I did do last night:
  • Ate Skittles
  • Watched "Project Runway" reruns

Lord help me.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to have a night like that.

Domestic Goddess said...

But eating skittles and watching Project runway is VERY IMPORTANT WORK.

AnnL said...

I like what you DID do much better than what you SHOULD have done. You gotta give yourself a break sometime.