Monday, October 6, 2008

Send Tequila. Stat.

Michael's been out of town since Saturday.

What I've done since Saturday:
  • hand-shaped and baked 128 pastry tartlet shells
  • made and colored 2 batches of butter cream
  • baked and frozen two cake layers
  • piped a half-sheet pan full of butter cream flowers for said cake (they hold beautifully in the freezer)
  • tested a savory cracker recipe
  • made a sheet of genoise and assembled it into pistachio petits-fours for Friday's auction
  • folded two loads of laundry
  • beat Quinlan about the head supervised Quin's completion of his HUGE pile of make-up homework from the Paris week
  • survived supervised a play date
  • fed and watered the parrot (did you know we have a parrot?)
  • irrigated and medicated Theo's infected ear twice
  • cooked dinner once (thank you, Mom!)
  • made lunches
  • made breakfasts (including the traditional Sunday pancakes and bacon)
  • prepared snacks
  • emailed a zillion people
  • started generating signage for Friday's auction
  • walked Theo 83,465,709 times
  • cleaned the kitchen umpty-billion times
  • gotten up at 6-frockin'-thirty to get Quin on his bus
  • attended an 8AM IEP meeting at the school for Garrick
What I haven't done since Saturday:
  • blogged
  • stretched
  • exercised
  • showered (you're welcome!)
The lesson we take from these lists is either that a) I become very very efficient and productive while Michael is away, OR b) Michael chooses to go away at really damned inconvenient times. I'll leave that puzzle up to you to decide.

(He gets back late tomorrow, by which time I just may be on my way to the nervous hospital. He can frockin' take a cab from the airport, is all I'm sayin'.)

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