Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Valium, Please. Stat.

Back in July or thereabouts, a major construction project began at the building where I work -- directly behind the window in my 2nd floor office. At first, it wasn't too awful -- the view often looked like this:

But then they started in on removing the existing concrete patio, and the view (and noise) changed to this:

Many headaches later, this week they are installing the I-beams and girders -- framing out the space. And it's freaking me the hell out, because now the view resembles this:

multiplied by about a dozen guys, none of whom are wearing safety cables, and all of whom are catching incoming girders being flown in by the huge crane and pulling them into place and walking on the (narrow) beams and welding and hammering and OH MY GOD aren't I anxious enough this week without men trying to kill themselves right outside my window?

I thought so too.

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