Friday, April 24, 2009

It's the Little Things

When did people start pronouncing this word jewel-uh-ree?


It's jewel-ree.

Two, and only two, syllables.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


Christine said...

HAHA. Dare I tell you I used to say jew-luh-ree when I was little?

I had a tweet the other day on something similar. A few consecutive days at work, people kept calling asking how much it would cost to have their pet spay-ded. Freaking annoying, and all I could do not to correct them. It's spayed! - one syllable! And it's females ONLY! You don't spay a boy! You neuter him! ARGH!

Ok, I'm done now.

Tina said...

Have you noticed it's usually the same people that pronounce Acme ack-a-mee?

How about the people that ad an S at the end of Wawa (I'm going to Wawas. Need anything?)

These drive me freaking CRAZY!!

Lora said...

I'm surrounded by people at work who call it "jury" and they talk about it ALL. THE. TIME. because my company can't decide what is appropriate jury to wear while we are traipsing around crack houses and insane asylums.

Um, none?

Lora said...

oh, also?
I hate when people say mayans instead of mine.

As in, is that jury over there mayans or yers?

And no one ever gets my joke when I say I think it's Incan

Anonymous said...

I came here from Bossy's blog.. just so you know how I found you. In case it matters. Not that it should. Now that THAT'S off my chest... I SOOO AGREE!!! I can't stand when people add or subtract letters from words.

Gwen said...

YES! Thank you. It IS the little things.

KevinWC said...

All right, people, settle down.

Let's not go nukular over this...


Lisa said...

I didn't get to meet you on spaghetti night, but I DID get to sample some of your fabulous dessert.

Not that I'm a master of perfect diction and pronunciation, but when people say "coshtoom" (instead of costume) it makes me want to poke their eyes out. I've got a whole list of stuff that irks the crap out of me. We'll save that for another time.

Anyway, am glad I found you! .... babspeapod

jennifer said...

I completely agree, I hate that jewel-e-ree thing. And it seems to be catching on like wildfire.
Lora's observation that her co-workers call it "jury" reminds me of 30 Rock, when everyone thought Jenna was going to be in a movie called The Rur Jur. It turned out to be The Rural Juror.