Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things About Which I Have Not Blogged

My New Haircut

On good days, I feel like Louise Brooks, minus the bangs.

On bad days, I feel like Willy Wonka.

Our April Beach Trip

An empty beach is a thing of beauty. I slept 16 hours per day.

The Wonders of a Cold Frame

We've been harvesting Swiss chard from last year's plants since April 15. For realz.

Garrick's Birthday

He now goes all the way to eleven.

My Last-Ever Elementary Chaperoning Experience

The mud in the Stone Harbor wetlands is super-strength.

My Neglected Garden

Is giving me peonies and strawberries. We're picking almost a quart per day. NOM.


Lora said...

you make me giggle!
When I had a blonde bob, I would say I looked like the Dutch Boy Paint kid on my bad days!

Jasmine said...

I really want to try out the cold frame method- but I think it would just die like all of my other gardnening attempts.

Domestic Goddess said...



Magpie said...

Damn, maybe I need to put in some strawberries. How many plants do you have (or how much square footage do they occupy)?

well read hostess said...

that wetlands trip used to happen in 9th grade during biology. on that trip i sat next to a certain twgh on the way there and the way home on the bus and THAT was the day that we became us.

Anonymous said...

That beach looks relaxing. And your hair description is cracking my shit up.

Bridget said...

I know exactly what you mean with the hair. That's the risk of be a short-haired lady. You sometimes look like a disgruntled little man.

BOSSY said...

Goes to 11! Ha!