Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun with Google Analytics

Okay, I'm sure I'd get funnier search hits here if I blogged more about sex and poop, but these amused me. Happy weekend!


"how shit is having polycystic kidneys UK" - I'm guessing just about as shit has having them in the U.S.

"heels bad for kidneys?" - No, but stilettos are bad for bunions.

"factual bandaid articles" - As opposed to the ever-popular bandaid fiction?

"how do I flash my kidney?" - Start with a very sharp scalpel and plenty of Betadine.

"vodka kidney cure good" - vodka kidney cure even better with a lemon twist

"fix my kidneys" - you may be expecting too much of your PC


wolvie said...

ha ha - hey when you do a google search for your addy, lemonade and kidney "stones" comes up, then your blog, so maybe.... ;-)

Domestic Goddess said...


THose are good!

well read hostess said...

This is freaking hilarious. I'm awake at 1 in the morning trying not to wake up everybody (and I do mmean EVERYBODY) in the house but I am laughing out loud.

Anonymous said...
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