Monday, August 3, 2009

My Weekend in Numbers

Number of dear friends who came over for dinner on Saturday: 2
Pounds of leftovers in the fridge: roughly 4 tons

Number of frozen, overripe bananas I found in the freezer on Sunday: 12
Number of banana muffins I therefore baked: 48

Number days it took to sell 34 of the Sweet Pleasures mousse cups at the Co-Op: 4
Number of mousse cups that sold before I'd even completed this morning's delivery: 2

Number of eggs I have to separate to make one batch of chocolate mousse: 14
Quantity of egg white currently residing in my freezer: roughly a gallon

Number of (recyclable!) plastic clamshells full of meringues that sold in 4 days: 18
How annoying it is to make meringues when humidity is at 90%: infinity

Number of dirty dishes in the sink: eleventy-billion


How much money we've raised so far for this year's PKD walk: $1,458



wolvie said...

wow! must have bought a new fridge, eh? ;-)

I ended up driving the rental car home instead of taking my flight, my throat and ears were just too congested to take the chance.

Feel much better today. Those veggie left overs will save M a lot of side dish cooking at dinner this week!

we may be coming back this weekend for a second peek at the house - I'll let you know. If we do, I'll bring a cooler. lol

Domestic Goddess said...

I WILL get me a mousse cup, I'll tell you that much!