Sunday, September 13, 2009


I had my first panic dream about my October 2 PKD fundraising event last night. In the dream, the event was starting in just a few hours and I had not yet solved the problem of where to get extra tables and linens, had not yet set up the space, had not yet created bid sheets for all of the auction items, and had no idea what to wear. In my dream, the event was taking place in my gone-but-not-forgotten friend John's workshop space, and in my dream we not only had to set up for the auction, but also for a full sit-down dinner.

It's no wonder I woke up a little crabby and panicked. I'm going to have to work hard to avoid accidentally stuffing a container full of left-over cupcakes in my face today.


I managed to get through the first week of school without posting about my kids, which I believe should settle the question of whether or not I'm a mommy blogger once and for all, don't you? The short version is that Garrick has started middle school and the sky has not (yet) fallen. He seems to be adjusting well, for the moment, and I haven't (yet) gotten any calls from his homeroom teacher, which bodes well. He's even getting interested in extra-curriculars (which is unheard of), signing up for fencing club and accepting his pal's invitation to check out a Boy Scouts' meeting this week. I hesitate to breathe this thought out loud, but it's just possible that Garrick is growing up a bit...


I had a special order this week for cupcakes for a baby shower. Yum yum.


I'm actually in decent shape with regard to donations for the silent auction. We gots:
  • theatre tickets
  • restaurant gift certificates
  • massage
  • life coaching
  • acupuncture
  • singing lessons
  • art works
  • jewelry
  • a beach house
  • foodie items
  • SAT coaching
  • marketing consulting
  • tickets to cultural institutions
  • baking lessons
and more. Hope some people show up to bid on all the goodies. And that I have enough tables for everything. (Anyone have folding tables I can borrow?)


Sue said...

Wow - the donations sound fab! All of the biggies that I had looked into need a bit more time (unless WF comes thru for you) so if you have any idea as to next fundraiser, etc - we can yak at the gala weekend on it. :-)

As for cupcakes - wow again - those look fantastic! where you get the energy I am sure I don't know. Good going kiddo.

Sue said...

oh - I have a portable folding table - would you like to use it?

I have linens and such too...

HG said...

I do wish we could attend this, but not quite enough to cancel our 10th anniversary vacation :)

My thoughts will be with you.

Dawn said...

Oh wow, Ruth, those cupcakes are beautiful!