Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S.A.D. + P.M.S. = SUCK

I don't know what happened last night at yoga -- some stuck chakra got released, or something -- but at one point between downward-facing dog and baby cobra, tears started to well. I more or less got myself under control for the rest of the class, until the end, when everyone lies completely still on their backs for several minutes. Then the trickle became a deluge. Luckily, because everyone was lying down with their eyes closed, no one noticed but the instructor, who brought me a tissue box.

Holy hell, is it spring yet?


Lora said...

that's happened to me before too.

I think that's what is supposed to happen.

But it's awkward.

well read hostess said...

I hate it when that happens, but I guess it's better than peeing yourself, right?

Because I figure it's going to come out somewhere!

Sue said...

here's hoping you get yourself feeling better - maybe a wolvie visit will help? Right now the planning is for next weekend for looking at property. You up for a get together? :-)

insomniac ellen said...

"I enjoy being a girl." Menopause is a real hoot too.

AnnL said...

Releasing stuck energy also releases the emotions that caused that energy to get stuck to begin with. Let the release come and you'll feel so much better.

And, uhm, Wolvie, you're doing a property search in the WRONG state!