Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Best Mother's Day Gift

Born 12 years ago on the day before Mother's Day...

... after 11 1/2 weeks of early labor and bed rest, and 29 hours of drug-less labor. (No that's not a typo.)

To this day, Garrick does not always do things the easy way -- but boy, is it fun watching him get there.

Happy birthday to my beamish boy, and Mother's Day smoochies to all the mamas!


Lora said...

good on you for the drug free labor! I had 36 of drug free labor and winded up with an emergency C. They don't let you do those drug free, but I was so damned proud of myself and my body for laboring that way.

Happy Mother's Day!

Kelly said...

Geez, Lora and Ruth...I thought 27 hours was long to do without meds, and here you both show me up!

Happy Mother's Day, to you both! (Love the picture of your boy, Ruth. Those curls!)