Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

I keep thinking hoping I'll have something interesting to blog about. But the universe is not cooperating.

Job: nope, can't blog about that one. But it has been VERY VERY interesting (if for "interesting" you substitute "incredibly anxiety-producing and unbearably sad at times".)

Prospects: nope, can't blog about that one, either. (HELLOOOOO, World Wide Web!) There is the possibility of something interesting here, but it's going to be several months before full fruition occurs.

Health: Well, this is just boring as shit. Blah blah bad cold blah blah worse kidney numbers blah blah repeat mammograms due to cysts in the breasts (deja vue all over again!). The only interesting information here is that my nephrologist has put me on a new blood pressure medication in hopes of slowing down the decline of my kidney function. I'm not holding my breath.

Kids: At risk of being labeled a Mommyblogger, I will brag for a moment about my kids' STELLAR report cards last week. Garrick, whose transition into middle school I approached with fear and loathing, brought home three A's and three A+'s. Oh yes he did! And Quin was solidly Honor Roll with one B and the rest A's. Now, if only I could get them to hang out with kids their own age or get interested in extra-curriculars at all....

(SIDEBAR for a total PARENTING WIN moment: I have informed the boys that they will not be allowed to get their driving permits until they have learned to FOLD LAUNDRY. Yes, I'm planning ahead. Feel free to steal this idea for your own spawn.)

God, I hate February. Even without the work upheaval and job insecurity and car repairs and blah blah blah. How are you all holding up?


Domestic Goddess said...

I already told the boy he ain't going away to college if he can't keep his room reasonably clean. His response? GO AWAY TO COLLEGE? I'm never moving out of here away from you!

That's my boy.

Though the tune will be different in about eight years.

Magpie said...

Hmm. I don't care about the folding - I'd be good if it got put away.

Good luck on the other fronts.

Z. Mulls said...

....blah blah blah husband.....?'t look like it....

RuthWells said...

Well, anything interesting I could blog about my husband would fall under the pervue of Things I Don't Blog About, so...... no.

; )

Christine said...

The same blah blah blah blah?

Only mine is tired blah back hurts blah cankles blah tired blah blah and repeat.

Every single day.

Sorry the job front has been "interesting." I really do things work out for you.