Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oy to the Vey

I forgot my Sweet Pleasures delivery this morning -- plumb forgot I had product to deliver to the store until I was practically there.

So I decided I'd run back home after lunch, pick up the goods, and make my delivery in the afternoon.

Except when I went out to my car after lunch, the right rear tire was flatter than Heidi Montag's chest before the 10 million plastic surgeries.

So I cussed a bit, then asked a co-worker to help me put on the donut so I could limp by for the day. Which he did. But it turned out the donut was squishy, also.

So I drove right over to the mechanics, slowly and carefully. And waited for over an hour while they changed the tire.

Bringing the total amount I've spent on car repairs in 2010 to slightly less than the gross national product of Uzbekistan.

One more car repair in 2010, and I will not be responsible for my actions...


Domestic Goddess said...


Would it help you to know that we have another tire going flat? AND IT'S A BRAND NEW ONE?

insomniac ellen said...

I give you:

that cost me $1,800.00... AND... I just finished paying off a Tires Plus account for repairs from 2007.


Oh--and did the goodies EVER get delivered??

xo, E

毛衣 said...
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Kelly said...

as someone who has recently experienced the pleasure of a apologies to you. it stinks!