Monday, March 29, 2010

The Kidney News, Etc.

By popular acclamation...

Last week's blood work shows my kidney function down to 27% (from 32% six months ago), which certainly confirms my suspicion that things are progressing more quickly. I'm expecting that when I see my nephrologist next month, we'll start talking about scheduling time with the transplant coordination team later this year -- perhaps in the fall.

(Which is really exactly the news you want right after giving notice at your job of seven years and accepting a !!new job!! about which you have some slight trepidation, right? Lord help me. The silver lining is that the !!new job!! is right down the street from my transplant center of choice -- Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. How's THAT for kismet?)

So that's the kidney news, and by extension, the Plan to Wind Down the Baking Business over the next however-many months. I can't keep up the pace I'm at with 27% kidney function, let alone on less than that, plus a !!new job!! to boot.

Now, I have plenty of bulk chocolate and packaging still in stock, so I'll likely phase down slowly, and remain available for special orders and whatnot. Meanwhile, since I'm going to be on a baking hiatus through Easter, here is a chocolate mousse dome for the Domestic Goddess:

I'm sorry I couldn't make it a real one.

(P.S. -- Did I mention I have a !!new job!!?)


Lora said...

I'm thrilled about your new job because that means lunch dates at least once per month for us, right?!?!

Christine said...

Congrats on the new job!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorrier than I can say about your kidney function, but pleased that your new job is near the transplant center. I didn't realize the new job was near HUP. How long a commute is that for you?

Good thing you have a new car. ;-)


Magpie said...

Such a mixed bag of news. So, good luck? All around?

Domestic Goddess said...

If I can't have the real thing, the picture is good enough. BOOO about the kidneys. BOOO.

Emily said...

Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. And I have to believe that a brand new kidney that works and makes you feel better is GOOD. The process sucks -- and it is scary BUT the other side is better. I think all of these things are pushing you in the right direction towards better. You just need to hold on for the ride. Only good thoughts Im sending to you!