Monday, August 2, 2010

I Have the Best Friends

My friend Leigh is a jewelry designer who hand-fabricates the most beautiful items (some of which I've posted here before). And when the PKD fundraising madness descended again, she made the most incredible offer.

She'd like to design and sell a PKD awareness necklace (kidney-shaped!), with net proceeds from all purchases going to the PKD Foundation.

(Pause here to stand in amazement at such thoughtful generosity and sniff a little bit.)

Leigh's been working on some prototypes, and we'd both love some input. Leave comments, please! And if you're buying birthday gifts or doing early holiday shopping, make with the clicky and go visit Leigh's shop for lots of affordable gorgeousness.

Hammered Silver

Silver with Hammered Copper Backing

Double Silver

Smooth Silver

Which one/s do you like best?....


AnnJ said...

What an awesome thing to do! I like the hammered silver cause it reminds me of my very cysty kidneys. Lol! But they are all very pretty! Let me know when they are available!


Lauren D. McKinney said...

I think the double one has the most visual interest.

Donna Inks said...

I love this idea and would definitely be interested in purchasing one when it's available.

My favorite is the hammered one, but I also like the double one, too.