Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AUCTION: Leave It in the Soup


I admit to some bias, here. The lead singer of The Dream Jam Band and I go waaaaaaaay back. So far back, I refuse to count. But don't let that interfere with your getting to know them on their own merits. In a world where most kids' music is insipid dreck and kids' rock-and-roll is a joke, The Dream Jam Band writes clever, musically sophisticated fare that will thrill the young 'uns and leave Mom and Dad humming, as well. You won't mind these ear-worms at all.

Winner gets a copy of their new CD, "Leave It in the Soup." And, a special note -- they're performing this Saturday at World Cafe Live with a 10:30 show. Stop by; we'll be there!

Retail Value: $10
Starting Bid: $4
Minimum Bid Increments: $2

To bid, leave a comment on this post with your bid amount and a valid email address. Bidding closes at midnight eastern standard time, Wednesday, September 22. Remember to follow the rules!

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MemeGRL said...

$5. Always ready to try new kid-safe music!

Domestic CEO said...

$7. What MemeGRL said! :)