Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AUCTION: NeatReceipts Scanner


The NeatReceipts scanner is no ordinary scanner. Sure, it will make a searchable PDF of your document. But if you send a business card or receipt through it, it will do much more. It will actually parse and digitize the information, populating the NeatWorks database with it, making it possible for you to organize your data any way you see fit.

NeatReceipts is the mobile model, which is about the size of a paper towel tube. Perfect for the business traveler -- no more stuffing receipts into your carry-on, your laptop bag, your purse, your pockets... scan 'em and throw 'em out. And NeatReceipts is powered entirely by its USB cord -- you can scan receipts while sitting on the plane.

After your data is digitized, you can export contacts to Outlook, export receipts to Quicken, QuickBooks (PC version only), Excel or TurboTax (PC version only)... or simply use the proprietary NeatWorks software to create expense reports and organize the receipt data and images. Think of it as your digital filing cabinet.

Of course, it's incredibly handy just for making PDFs of documents, as well.

(Winner chooses PC or MAC version.)

Retail Value: $199.95
Starting Bid: $50
Minimum Bid Increments: $5

To bid, leave a comment on this post with your bid amount and a valid email address. Bidding closes at midnight eastern standard time Thursday, September 30. Remember to follow the rules!

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