Sunday, October 3, 2010

AUCTION: The Imperfectionists


When I ordered a copy of this novel by Tom Rachman for Michael's birthday, Amazon sent me two copies -- hence its inclusion in the auction! Michael's the only one of us who's got 'round to reading it, so he wrote a little review for us:

"Yes, it’s a first novel, and yes the structure is a little twee – interlocking vignettes about staff members of a slowly-dying English newspaper published in Rome. Each vignette spotlights the foibles, the failures, the near-misses of a person’s life in a few well-related incidents. The characters are frustrating, endearing and 'imperfect.'

But the front-page-of-the-Book-Review New York Times analysis by Christopher Buckley says it 'is so good I had to read it twice simply to figure out how he pulled it off.' The characters are just ‘off’ enough you have no idea where each story is going to go, and there are surprises around most of the turns. Immensely satisfying and highly readable, both for long stretches and short bursts."

The Well-Read Hostess happens to have reviewed it last week, as well. And oh yes, Brad Pitt has purchased the movie rights.

Winner gets a brand-new hard-back copy of this intriguing new novel.

Retail Value: $20
Starting Bid: $5
Minimum Bid Increments: $2

To bid, leave a comment on this post with your bid amount and a valid email address. Bidding closes at midnight eastern standard time Monday, October 4. Remember to follow the rules!

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I read this on my Kindle and it was good. So I'll bid $16 to gift it to someone.


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I loved it, I'll bid $40.00. My name is Evelyn and my email is