Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I watched some of House last night and the patient du episode was receiving a kidney transplant. The donor's posture during the surgery had her appropriately propped so that her flank, or back, was accessible. HOWEVER, the recipient was similarly propped, and that's just not right. When receiving a kidney transplant, the new kidney is placed in the patient's lower abdomen, NOT back where the native kidneys live. That's really not a hard detail to get right, Hollywood Dopes.


This new laundry product I'm seeing ads for cracks me up. Do the detergent companies really think that we're stupid enough to spend money on a sheet of fabric to put in the wash, thinking that it will really prevent colors from running onto the rest of the laundry? If colors run in a load of wash, they're running all over that bitch. We're not as dumb as you think we are, Product Development Dopes.


Less of a quibble, more of a complaint: why is it that when I'm waiting on a train platform in the freezing cold and wind the train is invariably 3 minutes late, but when I'm 3 minutes late leaving my office and rushing for the last train that will get me home in time for dinner, THAT train is on time?

At least 30th Street Station has WiFi.

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