Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Theatre Widow

For the last eight weeks, my husband has abandoned me and the kids three nights each week to rehearse the leading role in "Deathtrap" at the Players Club of Swarthmore. Being a theatre widow is nothing new for me; we met in the theatre (got married there, too), and spent the early years of our married life together hop-scotching theatre projects and waving to each other as we passed in the green room.

This one has been different. The stresses of my job and my father's health, when added to the general fatigue of living through the winter, have taken their toll. I get home at night after Michael has left for rehearsal, and I'm asleep by the time he gets home. I (almost literally) haven't seen him since Sunday morning and I feel worn to frizzle.

But! The show is in good shape and opens this Friday for a three week run (info and tickets here). It will be fun to take the kids to see their dad in such a bravura performance. And it will be such a relief to get my husband back.

I just have to make it to Friday.....


MSS said...

Your husband sounds like a world-class narcissistic a-hole. I vote Dump Him!

RuthWells said...

Nah, I'd miss his twisted sense of humor.

Kel said... that first comment for real? If it is...sweet Jesus.

It's been a particularly tough run, I know. I think it's just about time to plan a coffee, but maybe after you get your husband back and have time to reconnect.

Anonymous said...

Hey--you had your times rehearsing and he's had his. It's what we do people. we're hooked.

when do the boys hit the boards?

Ellen D.

ccr in MA said...

Hey, Friday on the horizon! You're almost there.