Thursday, September 1, 2011


Can you believe this crap? At least they've stopped selling one of the shirts, but jesus christ on a triscuit, in this day and age?!

I cannot imagine the challenge of raising girls in this toxic environment. How the hell do you all do it?


Lora said...

what I really couldn't believe was all the people they showed on 29 saying that it was just a shirt and we should all just get over it. The only way it could be worse is if it said "sexy" instead of "pretty" and "boyfriend" instead of "brother"

Oh, and it was Penneys. Congrats, Penneys, for gaining entry to the Abercrombie Club.

Mir said...

You just raise them the same way you do your boys---pointing out crap like this and saying YOU UNDERSTAND THAT'S RIDICULOUS, RIGHT?

My daughter has a new friend at school who confided that she "used to be anorexic." At 13. I'm glad it's past tense but... horrifying. 13!!

Anonymous said...

Math is hard, Ruth.


And Blargh!


Christine said...

And then we have six-year-old's saying they're fat. SIX. *sigh*

I just wish more parents would see what this kind of crap does to our kids. It's not "just a shirt."