Monday, April 9, 2012

The Disaster Dreams Are Back

In the weeks leading up to my transplant, I had violent nightmares of various kinds of disasters almost every night. After the surgery, they disappeared.

In the last week, they've returned with a vengeance. I've dreamed of trying to prevent my children from being shot, trying to prevent my house from catching fire, and trying to prevent people from being killed as a war broke out.

Obviously, there is a theme afoot, but I'll be damned if I know where it's coming from.


Otherwise, things are okay. While I'm not back to full energy or mobility yet (and oh my hell, the heartburn), I'm improving every day. I'm gradually increasing my time at work and the garden is giving me great joy (strawberries blooming already! Pea plants 4" tall!). I love this time of year.

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Bridget Horne said...

Hooray for you! It's the little joys. Glad you have them.