Saturday, June 30, 2012

Post With No Name

The anniversary of my father's death was this week, and it has become clear to me that I hadn't allowed myself to really grieve yet. When you're chronically ill, your world shrinks to fit whatever energy and space your illness does not consume. My world had shrunk to accommodate little more than work (and work stress), immediate family needs and sleep, so it's not surprising that now that my life is re-expanding to normal proportions I'm finding all sorts of unfinished business tumbling out of the recesses of my emotional closet. It is unnerving and disorienting.

I won't be blogging about much of it, but would like to get back to writing more regularly, if not particularly linearly. The recent shattering-death of my iPad is going to result in the organizing of photos as I shift and download files, so expect some random postings about Stuff That Happened as I sift through them. Bear with me?


Sue said...

I am coming up on the anniversary of my Mother's passing, and am already feeling ..vulnerable. I understand your situation completely. Of course I will always bear with you- friends for life. :-) I am glad you are getting so much better, and will be there for you if you need anything as you know. Take care, and give hugs to yourself, your Mom, and all of your family for me.

Julieta said...

Of course! After my brother's death, i also was so concerned about my fragile sister in law, that I neglected to take care of my mother who'd lost a son. And my brother who added up the youthful deaths of the last three generations of men in the family - 42, 60, and 50- into a spiral Of depression about his own mortality without any notice from me. With all of that , i found myself crying in the car a year later. Let ypurself grieve. Don't hold back. But just remember that there are so many goid things around too to enrich LIFE.

MemeGRL said...

Of course. Emotional closets are funny things. Hugs to you.