Saturday, July 6, 2013


In this, my year of not-blogging, I have let a lot of milestones pass by unremarked: Garrick's entry into high school, Quinlan's driving permit, Garrick's first featured performance on stage, Quinlan's first prom (with a date!), Garrick's first shave, Quinlan's two-week participation in Brown University's pre-college program.... It's been a busy time full of prime Bloggable Moments, is what I'm saying, and I've blogged none of it.  No poignant reveries about How Big They're Getting, How Time Flies, How Happy/Melancholy/Impressed/Proud I am as a parent, Sunrise/Sunset, and so forth.  For whatever reason and reasons, I have felt no impulse at all to document these moments.  Which is probably a post unto itself which will also likely remain unblogged, at least for now.


I realized yesterday that the Milestone to End All Milestones recently occurred, and that I'd want to be able to look back on this one, captured here in my digital memory book, to remember fondly as one of my proudest moments as a mother.

A few months ago, I convinced the boys to let their father haul two 50-gallon tubs of Bionicle pieces to the attic.

*mic drop*

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