Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blame the Hormones

Today my raging judgmental inner beeyotch will not be silenced. Witness this post by a self-avowed long-time home-schooling mom, read this morning on a chat board (which shall remain nameless to protect the ignorant):

"I love to hear from people whose kids are grown and doing their own thing. Do you mind if I ask what your boy's are doing now?"

If you need me, I will be outside banging my head against the brick wall. Repeatedly.


we_be_toys said...

Girl, my inner judgemental beotch has been on a roll lately, so you're in good company. If you have to slap me, I will understand, but why do you think she was asking such a question? To maybe do a Superiority Dance afterwards? What are her kids doing? Selling Jesus door-to-door?
btw, I am still dreaming of your beeyootiful desserts - I even mentioned them today in my post. Anyone who can bake like you do, can be as a big a bitch as she wants (I like bitches, I feel at home!)

RuthWells said...

My inner judgmental beeyotch should have been more explicit -- it is the WRONG, INCORRECT and ILLITERATE use of the apostrophe in the word "boy's" that is fueling my insanity in this particular instance. Oh the irony, oh the humanity. We have people who do not understand the basic rules of punctuation homeschooling their children. Surely this is another sign of the coming apocolypse (the first being the Olive Garden that is coming soon to a strip mall near me).

(Let me disclaimer a bit that I'm sure the homeschooling mom in question is a lovely person, punctuation skills aside.)

Anonymous said...

Hee,to your disclaimer.
Let me go back to my roots and suggest that the apocolypse is ne're 'bout here.

Anonymous said...

Of course the correct answer is " Their doing great. I'm to proud for words. "

RuthWells said...

Hee! I'm loving anonymous right now.