Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Share the Luuuuuv

Hey folks,

Go over to i am bossy and share a little bloggy love with her. She linked to me today in her post, and as a result my visitors stats have more than doubled. She is hip and funny and if you read blogs at all, you should read her. Mhaw, bossy!


BOSSY said...

Hey you crazy cat - Bossy just noticed you have linked (and blogrolled) to her old URL - the URL she is desperate to kill but it lives on. Like Elvis. The URL is In The Building. But not for long. Consider switching your link to the current URL so Bossy doesn't lose track of you when the change-over is complete:

RuthWells said...

The blogroll is now fixed and Elvis is free to move about the cabin of the aircraft. Thanks for the dope-slap!