Thursday, November 22, 2007


Stretch effin' back
Eat Cheerios & drink tea
Bake bake bake bake macarons bake bake bake dinner rolls bake bake bake bake chocolate biscuit bake bake bake bake shortbread bake bake bake
Wash dishes dishes dishes dishes dishes dishes
Stretch effin' back again
Drive drive drive to in-laws
Drink wine wine wine wine and eat
Drive drive drive home

Details and pix tomorrow, when we do it all over again with my parents.

Send Rolaids and a kitchen wench for dishwashing.

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we_be_toys said...

other than the endless baking (and my time is coming) this was VERy close to my holiday as well. Got your meme message - I'll probably post it on Monday - its too hectic to think this weekend.