Sunday, November 11, 2007

On an Ordinary Sunday

We had a VERY VERY busy day today.

We stumbled out of bed late and Michael made breakfast (pancakes and bacon, our Sunday ritual). Then he started cleaning out the fridge, all the way down to washing the glass shelves (I know!). The kids cleaned two of the three toy pits upstairs rooms, and then got started on some lingering homework projects.

After he fed the kids lunch, Michael tackled the freezer, washed lots of dishes, backed up the computer (Mir's experience last week has me spooked) and moved on to packing up the basement clutter, as we hope and pray expect the contractors will be starting this week).

Me? I baked.

Gorgeous three-layer chocolate cake; recipe by Alice Medrich from an old issue of Fine Cooking. It almost makes up for the fact that the sunroom isn't vacuumed and there's more laundry to put away.


Anonymous said...

I HAVE to stop reading this blog in the am. It's NOT good to be craving chocolate cake before I've even had breakfast!

Contractors? What contractors? Whatcha remodeling this time?


Anonymous said...

What contractors? Have you been keeping secrets?

Beautiful cake, naturally. :)