Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Tracking my blog traffic is enough to give one vertigo. Now, I know the numbers are not terribly large (!!), but the standard deviation is outlandish. Look at those peaks! And today, all the way down below my normal average.

I can take a hint -- less bitching about health insurance, more cute puppy pix. The masses hoards dozens have spoken.

Theo's tennis ball had gone under the sideboard and he was DETERMINED to retrieve it. Isn't he cuuuuuuuuuute?


I am quite astonished to realize that there are only a few more days left in November. NaBloPoMo is almost over, and I haven't missed a day! Whoot! Of course, saying this out loud almost surely means that the Fates are going to conspire to dope-slap me hard enough to prevent my posting either TOMORROW or FRIDAY, but I'll take the chance.


In my very first blog post, back over at Cookies for a Cure, I talked about how I feel surrounded by writers. Well, the dynasty has officially expanded unto the fourth generation. Garrick, age 9, wrote a poem in school that has knocked the socks off of his teachers (as well as his family members), and I'd like to leave it with you tonight.

FALL by Garrick S.


The school bell rings,
we stop our play,
it's time for another school day.
Our teacher is the best of all.
She'll teach anyone, big and small.

These are the days that we'll remember,
When we're farther in September.


I spy the Devil,
A witch at most,
A skeleton, zombie, ghoul and ghost.
I see a mummy,
A goblin too -
I'll hate it when this day is through.

Turn your up-side down world over,
Have a good time in October.


Cranberry sauce in my eye,
turkey, stuffing, apple pie.
Everything, good or bliss,
has, no doubt, come up to this.

Not like October or September,
You can eat well in November.

Give a cheer for one and all,
Give a cheer for good old fall!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That poem is awesome! That boy is talented. :-)


pj said...

"Cranberry sauce in my eye"

never has a truer (funnier) line been writ. Awesome!

RuthWells said...

Yeah, I'm not sure where he pulled that image from. Certainly we do not condone food fights at the Thanksgiving table! (Passover is another story....)