Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog? What Blog?

The sheer tonnage of bloggable stuff which is thus far un-blogged is enough to drive me to drink, or at least to hide under my covers (some more). So for now I'm just popping in to point y'all to a very cool idea which needs your vote: Inclusive clothing for kids with autism, Asperger's, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Part of a contest funded by Advanta, they're awarding six grand prizes of $10,000 each to the entrepreneurs to fund their projects.

Many kids with the above-mentioned disorders are extra-sensitive to clothing tags, seams, and closure systems -- some to the point of hysteria. Thankfully, Garrick and Quin have never taken this issue to such extremes (though I do still catch Garrick with his pants unbuttoned), but I can well imagine how challenging it is for parents with kids further along on the spectrum to navigate this.

The website is a little funky, so go here to register (email and name are the only required fields) and then here to place a vote. Voting ends tonight. Parents of autistic kids will thank you!

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