Thursday, December 20, 2007

Half Full Or Half Empty?

As long as it's tequila, I don't much care.

Accomplished thus far:
  • All Chanukah gifts purchased, wrapped, and mailed.
  • Chanukah party duly thrown with great success -- dinner and dessert for 20.
  • Open House party duly thrown with great success -- 60-ish guests over 7 hours, lots of hot apps and desserts (pix and a full report to follow once I find my brain -- I may have left it in the big Whitman's Sampler box left behind by a guest).
  • Michael's half of the holiday cards all mailed.
  • Kids' Chanukah thank-yous mailed (5 each).
  • All family Christmas gifts ordered and received (with one exception, which is en route).
  • Christmas tree purchased and strung with lights
  • Basement renovation complete and new storm windows installed (yay!).
Still to go:

  • Bake for Garrick's class's holiday party.
  • Purchase gift for Garrick's class's holiday party.
  • Bake and wrap treats for both kids to give to teachers, school librarians, etc.
  • Bake and wrap treats for co-workers.
  • Bake and send care package to brother in Singapore.
  • Wrap all Christmas gifts.
  • Write and mail my half of the holiday card list.
  • Kids still have 9 Chanukah thank you cards each to write.
  • Buy stocking stuffers.
  • Decorate Christmas tree.
  • Plan Christmas dinner/dessert and bake/cook accordingly.
  • Master bath sink faucet still in pieces on counter top and closet still needs painting.
  • Basement still not re-assembled post-renovation.
  • Decide what we're doing for New Year's Eve.
Perhaps New Year's Eve is when I'll schedule my trip to the Nervous Hospital?.....


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Nervous Hospital - a nice coinage, that.
Give me a call when you're ready, and I'll drive. It seems a fine place to go if they'll let you rest.


BOSSY said...

Oy - Bossy is sorry she missed your party. Just add that to the list of everything else she missed this season. Bossy had a Very Possum christmas.

RuthWells said...

No apologies necessary, Bossy! You had plenty on your plate. Marcia and I may start a car pool for visits to the Nervous Hospital -- we'll put you on the list. ; )