Sunday, February 17, 2008

Please Send Me Back

This is the B&B we stayed at in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. We ate breakfast at the table on the left every morning:

Our room is at the tippy-top of this winding staircase:

This is the view from the B&B's deck chairs, from which we watched the sun set while sipping margaritas:

This is part of the enormous, steep hill we climbed daily to get to and from the B&B. It was worth the climb:

This is Sandrina's, the charming restaurant in Bucerias that we found by accident after searching for two other restaurants on purpose:

These are the pelicans, just hanging out in the fishing village of Punta de Mita:

This is Michael and me on our last day, on our chartered fishing boat in the middle of Banderas Bay:

I have never before in my life looked this serene.


O said...

Thanks for bringing me with you, via photos, even for a few mintues.

Rachel said...

So jealous!!! Glad you're enjoying your time together. Thanks for the allowing me to momentarily leave my coughing, hacking body to vicariously enjoy your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, bliss.
Enjoy, and may the benefits linger.

Busy Mom said...

Great pictures!!

Regality said...

Looks absobloomin' wonderful!

Heleen said...

Oh my....oh my!! I'm going to look at your pictures once again and imagine sitting at that breakfast table and enjoying the view, pretending I'm there myself :o). Wonderful pictures Ruth, I'm glad it was so wonderful :o)