Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pray for Us

Quinlan gets his first orthodontic appliance today. A device that I remember well from my own adolescence, it is a wire designed to spread the roof of one's mouth in torturous increments.

Note to self: stop at liquor store on way home and stock up on tequila...

Update: Reprieve! They only put more spacers in today, so we are spared true agony for one more week. Good thing the tequila will keep until then.


Domestic Goddess said...

I my word. I'm praying, alright. I was lucky enough to escape that, although now I've found out I need braces due to overlapping and crowding and I don't have adult orthodontics on our insurance. Le sigh. Shoulda listened to my parents and got the stoopid braces.

Just so you know? Arbor Mist is really, really cheap at the liquor store and produces a very effective buzz without the tequila headache the next day. Just sayin'. Not that I'd know...

Anonymous said...

My hope is that Quinlan doesn't experience much discomfort. Our daughter was very uncomfortable,and that's putting it mildly. None of the rest of us was unfortunate enough to need braces, but nowadays they seem to use them on everybody!

I KNOW you don't drink as much as you imply, but you are funny.


Anonymous said...

Good thing that tequila lasts forever.

God, I'd forgotten about spacers. Chills went up my spine. Doesn't the whole process seem all too similar to something out of the Spanish Inquisition? That CAN'T be right.

You'll both survive unscathed if you're lucky and use the tequila judiciously.