Tuesday, June 17, 2008


If you've been anywhere near a TV, newspaper or computer in the last week, you know how dire the flooding situation is in Iowa. The ramifications of this disaster are horrific, on both personal and national levels. Thousands of uninsured families will be starting over with nothing, and the entire farming industry has been dealt a crippling blow that will affect us all.

Today, the Associated Press is reporting that 27 levees along the Mississippi River are once again threatened, inspite of a massive sandbagging effort. Not only that, the American Red Cross is reporting that their Disaster Relief Fund is out of money, and the agency is actually borrowing money to keep the relief efforts going. Can you help? Every little bit counts. Click through and make a donation of any size to the Disaster Relief Fund, and leave a message in the comments -- anonymously, if you like -- so I can tell whether this worked at all...

I also urge my fellow bloggers (you know, those of you who have more than 6 readers) to put up a similar post on your own blog. Maybe it's the decaf this morning, but I am Fired Up. Let's make it happen; let's make a difference.


Anonymous said...

We've already donated, Ruth, and get updates from the Red Cross.

Thanks for bringing this dire situation to everyone's attention. I know they've called out the National Guard - things are dreadful for those poor people.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

I will work on letting folks know on RoD and making a donation. That is very easy to do!

Thanks for caring about these important issues and getting us invovled.

O said...

It worked. Thank you. After my own relatively measley little flood this weekend I was looking for this and couldn't figure out how to get it on my blog. I'm glad you are more coordinated than I.