Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is It a Bad Thing....

... that when Garrick (age 10) asked me last night what "lust" was, my first thought was "Oh good! Blog material!"?

Just wondering.


Domestic Goddess said...


Oooooh Boy, you are in TROUBLE!

Magpie said...

I have those thoughts, "oh this is bloggable" - but I haven't had "lust" questions yet.

R said...

"Is It a Bad Thing...."


Though that would have been my first thought, too.

Kelly said...

You can simply explain, it's what Kelly felt in her loins when the visage of a newly shaved Johnny Depp made his appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. No further explanation needed.

Anonymous said...

So what did YOU say?

I don't remember every having a lust question - I was amazed that it was necessary to explain exactly what f*ck meant.

Our son was very surprised to hear it was an old Anglo-Saxon expression for sexual intercourse, with possible German origins. I couldn't believe he didn't know, which just goes to show you how ignorant PARENTS can be.


nutmeg said...

Right there with you! So what did you tell him?