Monday, October 20, 2008

Husband: FAIL

Last night, without any warning or provocation, Michael said that Sarah Palin is hot.

I then killed him and buried him in the back yard.

Oh hush, not really.

But I'm considering it.

If only I could solve the problem of who would cook dinner in his absence....


AnnL said...

You showed great restraint.

GirlGriot said...

Too funny! I had a similar desire when my Spanish teacher went on and on about how attractive "Mrs. Palin" is. Feh.

KevinWC said...

Upon such slender threads doth the well-being of so many men depend.

Shouldn't the word at the end of your comment be "Fey"? :-)

Please, in the interest of keeping ourselves focused on the candidate's true nature, let us please make a habit of using her true name...

"Caribou Barbie"

Thank you.

Ali B. said...

Oh, I hate to say it, but she is kind of hot.

Beauty queen? Sure. Sexy librarian from a bad 80s music video? Yep. President, VP, or anything close to that? Heaven help us.