Thursday, October 16, 2008


It turns out that snarfing leftover pastries, playing 5-card draw with my 10-year-old, and watching endless reality TV on Bravo is not the best way to regenerate brain cells. Who knew? But I am pleased that Leanne took the big prize last night on Project Runway -- look how pretty:

It is fun to imagine being young and fresh enough to wear such pretty clothes. I am not feeling particularly young OR fresh these days -- exhaustion from the gear-up for last week's auction is finally hitting. On Friday night after all the hubbub, I found actual little fine wrinkles under my eyes that I double-dog-swear weren't there before. Bastards.

(And, for the record, flipping between Project Runway and the last presidential debate makes it much easier to not shout obsenities at the television set. "Health of the mother" in air quotes?! What frockin' planet is this guy from?)

I am, however, Taking Steps toward rejuvenation. This morning after Garrick's bus left I did my back stretches and floor core work, and then threw caution entirely to the wind and rode my bike to work. Tonight I may even get to sleep before midnight. Baby steps, people.


So, the AUCTION! Went great. We had over 30 auction items ranging in value from $20 to $3,000, all donated, and ALL OF THEM SOLD (my #1 nightmare was that I'd have leftover stuff and have to come up with an ethical way of utilizing it). Between the $10 admission fee (which I'm going to rethink for future events -- I think it was off-putting for some folks), the raffle baskets, and the auction items, we raised $3,166, which is phenomenal -- I was hoping for $2,000. An additional $350 direct contribution got added on by one attendee (a PKD patient and transplant recipient herself) which brought our total event haul is $3,516 and total annual take to $9,654. My secret dream goal was $10,000, so I could not be more pleased. (Well, I could be a little more pleased. Like, $346 more pleased. But really, we're about $1,000 ahead of last year's results, so I will shut my pie-hole and be delighted, which I am.)

The food was really quite yummy, and we have had tons of leftovers.

L to R: pistachio petits-fours (red dish), crispy spiced crackers (in mug), lemon tartlets, raspberry vacherins, cheddar-pecan gougeres, butter cookies, s'mores squares.

I wish they looked slightly less like eyeballs, but they were delicious.

Pulled out my blowtorch for these babies.

I could eat gougeres all day and all night. GIMMEE.


It must be said that if you are going to have a silent auction and generally be a control freak about it do all of the planning yourself, it is crucial to have lots of helping hands at the actual event. Specifically, you must have Teddie, Jimmy, Margaret, Jill, Cindy and Riley (bless them!) to do all of the paperwork and refreshments and ease-of-flow stuff and let you focus on running around like a lunatic inflating bids whereever possible chatting up the guests. Also plan to have Leigh visit from Arkansas so that she can be an invaluable help with everything from setting up to making sure you stay hydrated. Be sure your mother comes, because there is no way you're going to get the space cleaned up before midnight without her. It is also crucial that you have Michael there to pack and unpack cars, carry tables, manage the music system, make sure the kids don't pick their noses in public, bid on (and WIN!) the beach house get-away, and pour you a large chilled Drambuie when it's all over.


I was so looking forward to an empty calendar between now and the holidays, but I've been foiled. Garrick came home from school last week with big plans for a yard sale, proceeds of which would benefit PKD. How could I possibly tell him no? So, this Saturday we're having a yard sale. (If you sweet local bloggy friends have stuff you're planning to bring to Goodwill, I'd be happy to take it off your hands and try to yard-sell it instead.) But that will be IT -- the final fundraising activity of 2008. Can I get an AMEN?!


R said...

What time are you starting your yard sale?

AnnL said...

Here's hoping you sell $346 worth of stuff!

katydidnot said...

i have this auction thing-o next november. so may i please reserve you and Teddie, Jimmy, Margaret, Jill, Cindy and Riley? please?

RuthWells said...

R -- yard sale starts at 9am and not a moment earlier.

K -- you're also going to need my mother and my husband. My rates are reasonable....

Amy said...

mmm... gougeres and wine...mmm...

Way to go, Ruth! Everything looks amazing, no wonder your auction went so well. Rock on.